Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The first power soccer practice since before the surgery

My first power soccer practice was more of a memory lane for me because l had to figure out where to go constantly. I was a little stumped at the first of the drill but, as soon as someone said that you have to get at least two or three passes before you goal, then l remembered what to do. After that, the coach seperated us into three pairs of fours for three ten minute games. The first teams that played was our team and another team. In all of the games that my team played, which l think it was three games, l was super agressive! In fact, in one game l scored a goal! The coach said that l was on fire.  l think l was either excited to play again or had a burst of energy because, about a day before got the stinking stomach virus out of me! O yea, l forgot to tell you that it lasted for a week! So thanks a lot mommy dearest (another name that l call my mom sometimes) and thanks to Caleryn for giving it to mom, for getting me sick!! Anyhow, l am going to be having a Houston Dynamo/Dash charity game in two weeks in Houston. Nana and Papa, if you can come and see me play, please come, I really want you to come Wednesday August 5th 6:30 pm!!! 

Anyone who reads my blog in the Houston area, Please come out and watch my team beat the professional soccer players of Houston! Charity event!

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  1. I really enjoyed the game Wed. You played awesome. I still say that you must have had alot of trash talke w/the professionals to beat them 10--0. Love it

    Pa Pa