Thursday, September 14, 2017

Going camping in our new rv

     The new rv that we bought is so nice. We were going to go with the Mercedes sprinter route for an accessible travel vehicle and put a King size bed with a bathroom in it but when the salesman at the showroom showed us some sprinters that had bathrooms, kitchen sinks and couches already in them, we realized that there was no way that my F-Five power chair could've fit. Plus, they were having trouble finding one that would work for accessibility without having to wait 6 mos. to order it. So mom thought we should try Camping World just to see if maybe that would be a better option...and it was! Soon after we picked the rv up from the rv place and took it to the apartment and parked it at the parking lot outside, we kept thinking of a funny name for it. We struggled with a name at first because we always name our stuff. Caleryn calls it the Driving House, mom calls it Prescious, I call it Hogg of course, dad calls it Leroy Jenkins so we called it Leroy Jenkins! We were going to drive it to Dallas to see Nanna and Papa since it was a holiday weekend but since Hurricane Harvey just happened the week before, there was gas issues so we decided to stay closer to home.

     On Friday afternoon for the first time of living in Colorado, we actually went camping. We rode in our new rv. I was so happy that I was able to take my F-Five power chair with me. There is so much room in the back! Thank goodness we went to the rv place and looked around, rather than just going with the flow and wait until the people who work at Mercedes to find us a black sprinter. The problem is that the back door on the rv that opens up like a ramp is a little too steep. So my dad brought the ramp that he uses for his truck with us. Before we even started heading towards the camp site, we had to go to Target to get sheets, covers, pillows and a wedge for me so I can be prompted up a little bit when I'm laying down. During the drive to the camping place outside of Colorado Springs, it got bumpy. So I just watched Masters and Grand Masters play quick one or three minute chess games. Now I have been playing chess again.  I think I started back to playing about three months ago. I have to say that I beat my dad all of the time! He sucks! I do play against harder people for an actual challenge.

     When we got to the rv camp and found the spot where we were going to stay at, my mom had to get out of the rv and shine the flashlight at the rocks to notify my dad while he was backing up. Then my parents started setting up all of the beds because it was already late. That night we didn't sleep too well because the air conditioner was on a super low temperature. Me and my mom was freezing to death and my dad was being so stubborn and couldn't just turn up the ac, he was too lazy to get off the bed and climb down the ladder.

     The next day we woke up and saw the beautiful scenery of the mountains that we had right in front of us when my dad opened the back door. I couldn't go out there until I was done eating my bag of feed. Caleryn was playing outside with the rocks. That day we just stayed in the rv for a while and then we went shopping for some groceries and more supplies, apparently, you have to buy a gazillion things to go camping. When we got back, I reclined back my F-Five power chair and raised the the feet up and took a little nap. When everyone got up, my dad turned on a movie for Caleryn on my t.v. In the evening, we had a campfire and cooked hot dogs. My dad started the fire. The hot dogs were good. It took about five minutes to cook them too. We ate other stuff to like chips, dips, cantaloupe and later on we had smours too.

     On Sunday we went to the Royal Gorge Bridge, which is a bridge you walk on and down below is a river and it is scary when you look down because it's so far down and when golf carts drive across it, the bridge shakes a little bit. It was pretty scary. We saw people zip lining down across the Gorge and helicopter tours above us. I totally wanted to do that but I would have to ride a ski lift up to the zip line tower and the line was super long as well. You kinda have to make a reservation and come back later. You can see the Arkansas river down below and if you get lucky you can see the royal gorge train or whitewater rafters floating down the river. It was a long walk up and down hills to get back and forth and of course on the way back Caleryn started throwing a fit because the hill was too steep for her and it was hot and she's a whiney baby. She thinks she can hitch a ride with me whenever she feels like it! It was a fun experience to get to see it. By the time we got back into the rv then drove back to camp, everyone crashed and took a nap. That night mom made hamburgers, mac n cheese, fruit, beans then we made cherry pies over the fire and hung outside, the weather was quite nice and no bugs!

     On Labor Day we had to check out by 11am so we kinda saw a bunch of rv's packing up and heading out at the same time. I think that our first rv camping experience was a total success and we had fun!!


  1. Good pictures! it won't take long and ya'll will be true RV campers. Yes I think it was a good choice to pick Leroy. Nanna rec'd a two shots yesterday at the doctor office for flu & pneumonia. She didn't sleep well last night and run a low grade fever, when she got on the plane this am her armm turned red and swollen, so it's been rough for her, hope she can sleep tonight. You'all take care and I hope you have another good trip planned. PaPa

  2. Cameron it looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I'm a little afraid of heights so the bridge is very scary to me. I'm glad you had a good time. Love you Buddy.