Monday, August 24, 2015

My iPad broke

2 days ago, l was eating breakfast and my braces were laying on the table. Of course Caleryn gets up on the table and messes with them. Then I had to focus on her. I was trying to protect my braces from the monster but my elbow hit the iPad holder (attached to my power chair) and my iPad fell onto the tiled floor and shattered! So I had to buy a new iPad. The one that I got was the iPad Air 2 which cost me1000 dollars! It has cellular data, has about 15 times more storage space than my old iPad and it has word prediction when I type! Hopefully this will allow me to type faster too! Also I bought a new cover for the new iPad so this sort of situation doesn't happen again. It looks cool too. The color is like the blue on the Dallas Cowboys. All I need now is a white star on the back of it. Anyway, my dad had to link all of my apps on the old iPad with his Mac to the new iPad. The good news is that it was able to start up when you pressed the home button. It was hard to get Clash of Clans linked to the new iPad but my dad did it though. Speaking of Clash of Clans, we are going to create our clan soon, because our clan right now, sucks! Anyway, everything is back to normal. I have a new iPad with all of my apps on it. Blog on baby! 


  1. Cameron I'm so happy you got a new iPad. I got one a while back and it's an AIR 2. I love it.

    Love you buddy

  2. Yikes! Talk about a scary moment. Well I'm glad everything worked out for you and you and your dad were able to restore all of your apps but it looks like that was an expensive process. Do you think it was a consideration to take your iPad to a computer repair place to have it looked at by an expert?

    Alison Henderson @ Expert Computer Repair Philadelphia

  3. My iPad charger just broke. It is a real bummer. But Apple has been really good about replacing broken parts. You should really pursue this. I think that they might just be the best at customer care. That is probably why I use Apple and only Apple and I feel like all other electronics frustrate me because they are nonsensical.

    Cordia Remsen @ RB’s Computer Service