Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages of having a blog

  • If I ever start going down the wrong road away from God later in my life, I can always go back to my blog and read how good and purehearted I was. Also, remember all the many cool things that I did. 
  • Kids might think twice before starring at me once they know how to read my blogs. 
  • Sometimes when I'm writing, I would get major writer's block. It is a little harder to focus in the apartment than our old home because I hear every sound outside my door. 
  • Caleryn might get mad at me when she gets older and starts reading my blogs and see that I called her a Tasmanian devil.


  1. Cameron you are so funny. I love your blogs. I check every day to see if you have blogged. Please keep writing. I love you

  2. Anything a person does or tries there is always that time when you question your actions. And think maybe I should have done this instead of this. But that is how we learn by doing and asking other people if they have done this or that. Your blogs are awesome and writers block is part of it, give yourself time and if it suppose to be it will be.

    Love ya